Qualification for Medicare

Qualification for Medicare It can be quite outrageous, the cost of medical expenses and maintaining your health. As people approach age 65 years and retire, they should think about how they will pay for their ongoing medical expenses. The US government has set up Medicare, a health insurance system that help US citizens insure the […]

Medigap Comparison

Medigap Comparison The severity of the comparison of Medigap policies before choosing the supplemental health insurance that is right for you or a member of your family can not be underestimated. As medical costs have increased significantly in recent years, it is very important to find a policy that meets your needs at an affordable […]

Medicare and At-Home care

Medicare and At-Home care According to the Medicare website, “Medicare only insures home health insurance as directed by your doctor.” As previously discussed, Parts A and B are Medicare alternatives which insure Medicare-designated home care services. Medicare Home Health Insurance in New Mexico requires that the following criteria be met: – Currently you are receiving […]

Medigap F Policy

Medigap F Policy The most popular Medicare supplemental policy in the Medigap world is Policy F. The reason is simple. Policy F currently insures most of Medicare’s expenses from their own pockets. However, changes can be made to policy F. The changes, and also the changes made by Medicare under the Affordable Care Act, imply […]